After focus groups with hundreds of international students and young professionals on how they look for master programmes, we know that:
  • If you are part of the generation looking for Master programmes today, you want to be served with quick, easy information on the leading Master programmes available
  • Scrolling homepages looking for different information on programmes is something from the past - we know that you are not willing to take a lot of time doing that
  • You want to compare all relevant information before making the choice on your ideal programme. However, you are impatient and want all that information to come to you quickly, and if possible be saved directly into your computer.

MasterGuide was started in 2001
, just after Bologna Process started in Europe together with the increasingly possibilities to study a masterís degree abroad. Our goal has always been to provide students and young professionals with reliable information on Master and MBA programmes taught at leading universities.

In 2007, the site was re-launched
, in order to better serve you and the new generation with reliable and quick information, providing you with data that you can save directly into your computer, which will you not only inform you, but also save a lot of your time.

On the new MasterGuide.org you can:
  • Check out the leading master programmes in Europe
  • Save your favorite programmes ("My Programmes")
  • Get comparison tables saved directly into your computer
  • Get constant updates on Master-related subjects and definitions - until you are sure about which your ideal programme is.
Many other features are being developed, programmes are being added as well as important information is being posted. By logging in, you will keep updated on all news from MasterGuide.org.


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