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Before you start your search for the right master programme, it is worth getting updated on a few key definitions. This will help you in your search.

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The Bologna process Same academic system all over Europe how does it affect you?


Synchronisation of academic systems in Europe how does it affect you?

The aim of the Bologna process is to introduce the same academic system in all European countries. This is to make it easier for students in the 46 participating countries (so far) to study abroad and get their degrees at any European school of their choice. The synchronised degree and grading system will increase the mobility of young professionals in Europe, by making it easier to compare grades and degrees on a European level rather than a national.

To make this possible, the goals of the Bologna process are:

  • Mutual recognition of degrees and other higher education qualifications
  • Transparency all degrees will be readable and comparable
  • European cooperation in quality assurance

For more information and updates go to the official website of the Bologna Process

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