Please notice:

I. Many schools accept test scores being submitted after the application deadline

II. Some schools make exceptions from the GMAT requirement if the candidates can display outstanding academic and/or professional track records

The most frequently asked tests when applying for different masterís are the following:

GMAT - the Graduate Management Admission Test

The GMAT is specifically designed to assess the verbal, quantitative, and writing skills of applicants for graduate business studies. However, it does not measure knowledge in any business area because many applicants to graduate business schools come from various educational backgrounds. The GMAT measures potential academic performance in graduate management education.

The test is administered as a worldwide computer-adaptive test. Both paper-based and computer-based GMAT are offered twice a year.

Most people need thorough preparation for the GMAT, especially in math. However, at a first glance the sample questions may look more difficult than they really are. A good preparation kit explains the strategies and techniques to solve the problems.

More information and preparation kits can be found at the GMAT web-site www.gmat.org. At the web-site, you can download information bulletins about test-dates, subscription and test locations. An information bulletin can be ordered directly via [email protected]

We would also like to recommend the Kaplan preparation kits that can be purchased at www.kaptest.com/gmat

Review.de offers prep courses for the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL and also has an on-line bookshop with preparation material.

If the school you apply for require the GMAT, but you have taken the GRE, we would recommend you to ask the school administration if they accept GRE as a substitute for the GMAT.

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