Please notice:

I. Many schools accept test scores being submitted after the application deadline

II. Some schools make exceptions from the GMAT requirement if the candidates can display outstanding academic and/or professional track records

The most frequently asked tests when applying for different masterís are the following:

GRE - Graduate Record Examinations

The GRE is rather similar to the GMAT, and basically measures the same skills.

Since the GMAT is more widely accepted, we would recommend students to take that test instead of the GRE if they have to choose between the two of them.

More information about the GRE is to be found at www.gre.org

Information bulletins can be ordered via the GRE website or directly via [email protected]

If the school you apply for require the GRE, but you have taken the GMAT, we would recommend you to ask the school administration if they accept GMAT as a substitute for the GRE-test.

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